Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

Indonesian Luwak Coffee Shop

Luwak coffee or coffee badger (civet coffee) is coffee made from beans coffee cherries that have been eaten by animals mongoose / badger (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus), then pass through the animal digestive tract and out as dirt. It sounded "disgusting" but the protein content in the stomach mongoose makes perfect coffee is more mature and fermented so that the resulting flavor is more delicious than regular coffee.

Luwak coffee is produced mainly in the island of Sumatra (Lampung), Java, Bali and Sulawesi in the Indonesian archipelago, and also in the Philippines (called coffee motit in the Cordillera and alamid spatula in Tagalog) as well as in East Timor (called café-behavior).

Indonesian Civet Coffee Shop sell civet coffee / coffee badger type of coffee from Lampung robusta and Arabica Luwak coffee from Aceh. Currently, many of which sell coffee and Luwak coffee from said original, but just regular coffee or sometimes to oplosnya with regular coffee, so it's cheap. If you include coffee lovers who appreciate the quality of civet coffee then you can get certified genuine Luwak coffee on the Indonesian Luwak Coffee Shop.

Civet coffee robusta and arabica species we sell in the form of powder and roast bean (pack of 100 grams and 10 grams sachet). You can order genuine Luwak coffee quality and certified directly here.

Indonesian Civet Coffee Shop serves civet coffee buying in bulk, resellers welcome:)

Reasons to buy coffee at the Coffee Shop Luwak Luwak Indonesia:

Civet coffee Civet Coffee Shop in Indonesia has a certificate of authenticity and guaranteed. Be careful of FAKE Luwak coffee with CHEAPER price, usually Luwak coffee is mixed or pure indeed FALSE.

Civet Coffee is NOT a result of our captivity, but the civet coffee fresh RED quotes directly elected by the mongoose. In captive civet coffee, the price could be cheaper because the mongoose is placed in a particular place and fed beans (do not choose their own mongoose). Fermentation will not work properly because Civet not get other foods commonly eaten in the wild.

Indonesian Civet Coffee Shop provides the convenience of shopping, you can use the online store, send email, sms or phone to buy civet coffee.

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